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INGESHIP™ IAS stands for Ingeteam’s Integrated Automation System for marine applications. Being part of part of the INGESHIP™ automation platform, IAS features all necessary monitoring and control functions and delivers enhanced functionality of all electrical systems. INGESHIP™ IAS is the perfect automation solution for medium to large size vessels. It can be used as a stand-alone Integrated Automation System, extended with Power Management, Tank Gauging System, DLM calculations, Water Ballast System Control and many other integrated engine room or navigation functions.


A mumbai based "Marine Automation" company anchoring his expertise in marine automation every aspect Time bonded projects for bulk carrier, tanker, supply vessel, crew boat, rig, tug boat , passenger vessel, speed boat repeated orders ensures our credibility and expertise in our field.



The main components of IAS are the following:
  • Distributed Input/Output units connected in a redundant field bus.
  • Distributed Control Processors that controls the remote Input/Outputs units.
  • Workstations providing the Human Machine interface.
  • Extended Alarm System.
  • Extended functions such as Water Ballast Automatic Control, Power Management System.
The system performs the following control and monitoring functions:
  • Alarm System:
    • Alarm Monitoring System.
    • Extended Alarm System.
    • Dead Man System.
    • Bridge Alarm System.
  • Engine monitoring.
  • Propulsion control monitoring.
  • Control engine room and cargo system.
    • Tanks sounding.
    • Control of pumps, valves, fans, etc.
    • Automatic Draught control system.
    • Ballast control system.
  • Diagnostic and maintenance tools.
    • Network diagnostics.
    • Long time data trending.
    • Online documentation and P&ID drawings.
    • Data export on CSV files for further analysis.
    • Remote service.
    • Running hours.


Team of experienced instrumentation, electronic, electrical & mechanical engineers and technicians having wide experience in Shipping Industry.

In addition to automation we also cater to calibration of marine as well as process industry.

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